Monday, September 24, 2007

It’s Ramadhan again

Have you noticed that, when Ramadhan starts, a few things started to happen which do not happen in any other month of the year? Some of them are good, some odd, and some quite funny as well.

Here’s a list. If you have something I missed, feel free to inform me (use the Comment link) and I’ll add it to the list.

  1. Ramadhan bazaars cropped up everywhere like mushrooms.

  2. People started to have cravings for ikan bakar.

  3. Prices of food skyrocketed like crazy.

  4. Mosques were filled up to overflowing during Friday prayers. You don’t see this during normal months.

  5. The air quality improved tremendously since the number of smokers reduced by 90% (I think). Made me feel healthy again.

  6. Traffic got worse, especially after office hours. Everybody rushed home to prepare or buy food for buka puasa.

  7. Everybody was extra sleepy in the office.

  8. Non-Muslims who looked like Malays started to have hard times. They practically had to have their ICs in hand to prove to the enforcement officers that they are non-Muslims.

  9. Tickets for hari raya holidays were sold out in record time.

  10. Impromptu entrepreneurs emerged everywhere.. selling cookies, rendang, clothes etc.

  11. Time has become an integral part of everybody’s life.

  12. People eat more than they normally would.

  13. [From Ijan] Prices of Ramadhan buffet at hotels were so ridiculous that no sane man or woman would want to eat there. It goes without saying that if you do eat at the hotels, you're not sane. Hehehehe..

  14. [From Ijan] Chicken went into hiding. All of a sudden, the number of chicken in the marketplace dwindled, which caused the prices to increase.

What else have I missed?


anakemas said...

>>What else have I missed?

Erm, people having less sex? hehe


Awangku Yusli said...

Says who? ;)

NIKO75 said...

Happy ramadhan 2 u.. Hope you have a good one.. Check out myblog: